Jul 7, 2009

UP, Skillet, and Inkheart ( Multimedia Day I guess...)

Hola, for English, press 1. For Spanish, too bad, you're outta luck. Thanks for coming back if you are one of the few, the proud, the visitors of my blog. Today is a very special "All 3 topics are music or movie related" post. Ok, not so special, it just happened to end up like that. Also, I didn't really notice, but ALL my posts have the topics set in groups of three in the title... Hooray for the random things I notice!

Movie Review of the Blog Pt. 1
I went to see the movie UP in theaters recently, and I have to say, this is one of the best animated movies I have seen ever. Pixar and Disney have really outdone themselves on this one. It's a great movie with a touching plot, and enough funny parts, even for the older audiences, to be a film for all ages. I highly recommend seeing this movie. While my viewing experience wasn't the greatest, (no digital projection and not too great picture quality makes for a not so great time) it's still a very sweet movie. And it has a moral, for all you parents out there who read this for movie reviews... No parents read this I don't think.

More Album Excitement!!!
Skillet is releasing a new album, Awake. The street date is set for August 25th 2009. From the 2 released singles, this is going to be their best album yet. I enjoy Skillet, but only a portion of their stuff appealed to me all that much. I really enjoy the 2 singles, I mean REALLY. It's quite a bit heavier feeling than their other music, which I like. The vocals sound a little different too, and I like the new sound better. The sound HAS changed, but it hasn't changed like Guns N' Roses sound changed with Chinese Democracy. That was a very drastic change. Anyway, I'm gonna be buying this album, and giving a full review for it once I give it a good listen through. For now, the 2 singles are in my playlist. Plus, LOOK AT THAT COVER!

Movie Review of the Blog Pt. 2
Inkheart, based off the book Inkheart, is a nice action/adventure movie aimed for all audiences. It's packed with action and excitement. As the plot unfolds, there are a few twists that one wouldn't expect. A few things I don't like about the film... The evil villain that the slightly less evil villain and his henchmen are trying to unleash is a shadow. A big giant scary shadow... I hate when the worst possible thing you can think of is faceless and about as much of a menace as a pet gerbil. Another thing, why is the daughter british? The dad isn't, the mom wasn't, but magically, the daughter is. I think some DNA testing is needed. Other than that, the movie is pretty awesome, and I recommend it.

Well, that's it for tonight. Key points for the post: Watch UP, get the Skillet album dropping August 25th, enjoy the 2 singles in my playlist, and watch Inkheart if you get around to it. Thanks for reading! Night.