Jul 5, 2009

More Celebrity Death, July 4th Fireworks, and 12 Rounds

Hey everyone, it's me again. You miss me? I forgot to blog yesterday. I'm sure all four of you were heartbroken. Anyways, in Recent News, Steve McNair was shot to death yesterday, July 4th. He was found with a fatal shot to the head. WHY IS EVERYONE DYING/BEING KILLED??? I don't want to be too serious on this blog, but seriously, this needs to stop. I'd also like to mention that Michael Jackson is getting WAY to much coverage. I mean, some coverage is okay, but he's been dead a while, lay off please.

JULY 4TH!! The one day everyone gets together and blows stuff up, usually illegally, and doesn't get in any trouble! Fireworks are God's gift to Pyromaniacs. I mean, you light something on fire, said thing blows up mid-air, and then they make a giant noise. That, my friend, is winning on every different level. Shot off some bottle rockets (ooooo, top notch stuff there) and a model rocket. My neighbor packed the parachute thing into the rocket. It didn't deploy, and we aren't sure where it went. Some poor sap may have a model rocket stuck in his windshield. Alas!

Movie Review of the Blog
Today, I saw the movie 12 Rounds starring John Cena. (yeah, he's a pro wrestler. Is there really a difference between pro wrestling and acting though? No.) It was actually a very good movie. I think, if I had to choose between this and Taken, which is a very similar movie, I'd pick this one. I simply enjoyed this movie more. It seemed like more of a mystery/action movie than Taken, which was pretty straight forward comparatively. Everyone's acting in this movie was phenomenal, and the character's were very believable. Lots of plot twists and suspenseful points make this movie a very good one. I would recommend seeing this. John Cena is a very good actor, which surprises me, because, as I said earlier, he's a pro wrestler. And there are plenty of explosions to keep even the least of attention spans entertained. If you are a Comcast subscriber, it's available On Demand.

So, that's it for tonight. I'll see ya tomorrow.