Jul 28, 2009

The Client, Tom Sawyer,and Drum Corp International (Oh, and 206 viewers)

Wow... It's been a long time since I updated this thing. Better dust off the ol' typewriter and put more paper in that spool thing. I've got another Multi-media week for you (kinda) so buckle up and read. Well, don't buckle up, cause you aren't in a car... Unless you have a blackberry, in which case, yes, buckle up while you're in the car reading. Unless you are driving, cause you shouldn't be reading while driving. Have someone read it to you.

Book Review of the Blog
At long last, I finished The Client by John Grisham. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It has several twists in it, and it's very suspenseful at parts. It's fast moving from the beginning, so it doesn't take long to get into it, unlike some books. If you like reading, but hate waiting for a book to hook you, this is the book for you. If you hate reading, but want me to be happy, read this book. Go out to your local "McKay's" or "Books-a-Million" or any used or new book store, buy this book, and read it. If you're looking for a summary, you can look one up... or you can keep reading. Basically, two boys, Mark and Ricky Sway, go out to smoke a cigarette that they took from their mom, when a black car pulls up. The man gets out and plugs a hose in his tail pipe, and through the window. He's trying to commit suicide, and the kids try to stop him. Before he dies he tells Mark some information that the FBI want in regards to a very urgent and big case. The FBI will do anything to get the information, the Mafia will do anything to keep Mark quiet. What happens from there... I'm not telling you. You just have to go read it. I'm not joking. Go buy it now.

Tom Sawyer... I'm so glad you're on the reading list for this summer. (GIANT SARCASM) Mark Twain, WHY, oh why did you have to write a book with so much southern dialect? I just find this book a little hard to read. This book is not for people that are sleepy, or easily confused. The dialect is just hard to get used to. (Warning, hypocritical stereotype ahead) I know, I should be able to understand it, I mean, I was born and raised in Tennessee. (It was a joke. I hate when people from around here get beat up by Hollywood and the media for being "Hicks." We aren't.) It just kills me. (Oh, and just for kicks, I put the song Tom Sawyer on my playlist. Haha)

The High School I go to sent the Marching Band to the DCI show today. If you don't know what DCI is, it stands for Drum Corp International. We saw The Mandarins, Blue Stars, Blue Devils, Blue Coats, and The Glassmen. I think that was all. Anywho, I had a great time at the show. Got to hang out with a lot of friends. My friend Aaron spent 14 dollars on Skittles (poor child. But I got 2 and 1/2 free bags out of it) and Blue Devils won. I think Blue Coats should have gotten first, I liked they're show more, but Blue Devils had a good one too. Congrats Blue Devils.

I'd also like to mention that I now have had 206 viewers! Thank you to everyone who checks my blog frequently, and anyone who tells their friends to check out my blog. You people are awesome, and I'll make sure to update more frequently. Thanks for reading guys, and check back soon for more stuff! Bye

Jul 20, 2009

My Epic Wall of Awesome, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, and several reasons I'm a blogger INSTEAD of a Vlogger

Aloha! If you are starting reading the blog from the top-left, that means "Hello!" If you happen to be reading it backwards (What's wrong with you?) it means "Goodbye!" Either way, thanks for reading the blog. Oh, and I'd like to give a shout-out to the 5 people who I know read this blog on a semi-regular basis. Hi you 5, you know who ya are! :) Thanks for coming.

With the advances in technology, there is no longer use for 33 and 1/3 inch discs of vinyl that require a needle to play them, so what better way to remember the good ol' days (before I was born, mind you) than by hangin' up the covers all over your wall? You're right, there isn't a better way. So, here's a video explaining it, and showing it off! (It's a major work in progress) So, there's that for you. I'm hanging up record albums ALL over my room in an attempt to be amazing. So far, the only downside is Peter Frampton staring at me while I sleep... Great! I didn't even think about that until now. Thanks internet!!!

Movie Review of the Blog!

I recently went and saw Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince in theaters with a few friends. I must say, the effects of this movie were much better than the previous 5. But, let this be warning to you, if you haven't read this book yet, and intend to before reading the movie, prepare to be disappointed. Or, that's what I'm gathering from people on a forum I visit. If you haven't read the book, and go to see this movie, you should enjoy yourself (like I did.) There are, like always, flaws that I feel obligated to point out to you all. The big one, the one everyone complains about, is when the Half Blood Prince tells Harry that he is, in fact, the Half Blood Prince. It should be the most dramatic moment of the whole film, but instead, it's much more like an offhanded remark. Like they added it in just because that was the title. A more appropriate title would've been Harry Potter and the Potions that make everyone that Ingests one High. Yeah, EVERY potion that the characters take, knowingly or not, makes them act like they just snorted a pound of Marijuana or something to that effect. I would've given this movie a much better rating if it hadn't ended like X-Men Origins: Wolverine ended. It just stops! I hate it! But still an overall good movie. See it in theaters, its better that way.

If you've ever been on Youtube, you know what "Vlogging" is. Basically, it's like blogging, but for people with speaking ability. I blog because I have no interest in being tormented by the trolls on Youtube. They don't really bother me, but I have no need to fuel the troll torch. Not like they need any help with that. Wow! I got off on a tangent about trolling.

So, to the REAL point I had on vlogging. It just seems like to much effort. Vlogs seem like they need to be maintained once a week, on a strict schedule. With blogging, I don't have to stick to a strict schedule that requires me updating every single Saturday. Also, I don't have to get dressed up to blog. In Vlogs, you have to make sure you don't look like you just woke up. Well, I look like that when I blog half the time, so there's another reason. Don't get me wrong, if you are good at it, then keep doing it. There are definitely some amazing Vloggers out there, such as the Vlogbrothers. They are really awesome, and you should click that link in the red right over there. Oh, and DFTBA. That link works too. But, to put it into an analogy, Blogs:Writers::Vlogs:people good in the public eye. So, lucky for you, I'm gonna stick to blogging if that's ok. Thanks.

So, that pretty much wraps up tonight's blog. Stay tuned for more exciting blogs! If you're reading backwards OR forwards, Aloha!

Jul 11, 2009

100 Viewers, Transformers 2 (Shut up, I'm talking about it again... just read it! *spoiler alert*) and CHUCK NORRIS!!!!!!! *gasp*

Hello and welcome to my blog. It's nice and cozy in here, blankets are in the corner over there, gather round the fireplace and I'll spin a story... or something to that effect. Anyway, I'd like to congratulate you for being visitor number >100! See, look over at that view counter, the number is over 100! :) Thank you if you're one of the people that constantly hits refresh to see that number go up. Wait, what do you mean that's only me?!?! Just kidding, kinda, but all those matters aside. I couldn't have hit 100 without the help of those 4 or 5 people who constantly check out this blog. Thanks, your gift is in the mail. (Psh, your gift is air, I don't have money!)

Transformers 2... What can I say about thee... Well, to start, after seeing you 3 times, I realized just how much you SUCK!!!! This movie is very very bad. Don't even bother reading my first review of the movie way down in my 2nd (not sure if it's second) blog. I saw it once, it was pretty good, then the 2nd time, it was not nearly as good, and then the 3rd, and it SUCKED! Some questions I'd like answered: What was the use of the blond robot, Alice, besides one more hot girl, and more explosions? Why didn't Sam just use the all-spark shard that he used to revive Jetfire to revive Optimus? If the Decepticons already have the shard from the Government, why do they need the one from McKayla? Why is God seemingly depicted as a bunch of Primes when same dies? Why don't they just get in one of the autobots in the desert instead of running for it? I think THIS (Pst, click where it says "THIS") pretty much covers it. But I've heard from a close friend that giving all the characters (especially Megan Fox's character) mustaches with your hair makes it sooo much better. I was sitting right next to her, and at first it seems kinda odd looking, but I think i was definitely worth it... Let's give it a try, shall we?
Not too bad! And Shia?
I prefer Megan in the beard actually... But wouldn't the movie have been more entertaining that way??? Of course it would have!!!!

CHUCK NORRIS!!!! With all the recent celebrity death, I thought of something. What happens when the invincible Chuck Norris dies? I think the world will end... I'm not even joking, this could be as disastrous as 2012, or kittens, or something to that measure. (Yes, I think the whole concept of the end of the world coming in 2012 is rather ridiculous, and I'll blog about it later.) But, I'm not sure what the world will come to. I think it'll be more devastating than Michael Jackson's death (which, even after 2 weeks is STILL getting coverage... Media, why can't you be reporting on something useful like the crap going on in DC rather than What's going to happen to MJ's pet chimp Bubbles. Yeah, NO ONE CARES!!!)

So, on that note, I'm off. Thanks for checking out my blog. I hope you enjoyed yourself. Please check back soon, subscribe to my RSS feed, follow me on this, or whatever you feel like doing that reminds you about this. AND FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER!!!! CLICK THE BIG LETTERS!!! I will let you know when I update the blog, so that's a good way to keep in touch. Any suggestions for topics can be sent to Make sure the topic is "Blog Suggestions" or I won't read it if I don't know the address. Thanks for reading, and I hope to see ya soon. Night.

Jul 7, 2009

UP, Skillet, and Inkheart ( Multimedia Day I guess...)

Hola, for English, press 1. For Spanish, too bad, you're outta luck. Thanks for coming back if you are one of the few, the proud, the visitors of my blog. Today is a very special "All 3 topics are music or movie related" post. Ok, not so special, it just happened to end up like that. Also, I didn't really notice, but ALL my posts have the topics set in groups of three in the title... Hooray for the random things I notice!

Movie Review of the Blog Pt. 1
I went to see the movie UP in theaters recently, and I have to say, this is one of the best animated movies I have seen ever. Pixar and Disney have really outdone themselves on this one. It's a great movie with a touching plot, and enough funny parts, even for the older audiences, to be a film for all ages. I highly recommend seeing this movie. While my viewing experience wasn't the greatest, (no digital projection and not too great picture quality makes for a not so great time) it's still a very sweet movie. And it has a moral, for all you parents out there who read this for movie reviews... No parents read this I don't think.

More Album Excitement!!!
Skillet is releasing a new album, Awake. The street date is set for August 25th 2009. From the 2 released singles, this is going to be their best album yet. I enjoy Skillet, but only a portion of their stuff appealed to me all that much. I really enjoy the 2 singles, I mean REALLY. It's quite a bit heavier feeling than their other music, which I like. The vocals sound a little different too, and I like the new sound better. The sound HAS changed, but it hasn't changed like Guns N' Roses sound changed with Chinese Democracy. That was a very drastic change. Anyway, I'm gonna be buying this album, and giving a full review for it once I give it a good listen through. For now, the 2 singles are in my playlist. Plus, LOOK AT THAT COVER!

Movie Review of the Blog Pt. 2
Inkheart, based off the book Inkheart, is a nice action/adventure movie aimed for all audiences. It's packed with action and excitement. As the plot unfolds, there are a few twists that one wouldn't expect. A few things I don't like about the film... The evil villain that the slightly less evil villain and his henchmen are trying to unleash is a shadow. A big giant scary shadow... I hate when the worst possible thing you can think of is faceless and about as much of a menace as a pet gerbil. Another thing, why is the daughter british? The dad isn't, the mom wasn't, but magically, the daughter is. I think some DNA testing is needed. Other than that, the movie is pretty awesome, and I recommend it.

Well, that's it for tonight. Key points for the post: Watch UP, get the Skillet album dropping August 25th, enjoy the 2 singles in my playlist, and watch Inkheart if you get around to it. Thanks for reading! Night.

Jul 5, 2009

More Celebrity Death, July 4th Fireworks, and 12 Rounds

Hey everyone, it's me again. You miss me? I forgot to blog yesterday. I'm sure all four of you were heartbroken. Anyways, in Recent News, Steve McNair was shot to death yesterday, July 4th. He was found with a fatal shot to the head. WHY IS EVERYONE DYING/BEING KILLED??? I don't want to be too serious on this blog, but seriously, this needs to stop. I'd also like to mention that Michael Jackson is getting WAY to much coverage. I mean, some coverage is okay, but he's been dead a while, lay off please.

JULY 4TH!! The one day everyone gets together and blows stuff up, usually illegally, and doesn't get in any trouble! Fireworks are God's gift to Pyromaniacs. I mean, you light something on fire, said thing blows up mid-air, and then they make a giant noise. That, my friend, is winning on every different level. Shot off some bottle rockets (ooooo, top notch stuff there) and a model rocket. My neighbor packed the parachute thing into the rocket. It didn't deploy, and we aren't sure where it went. Some poor sap may have a model rocket stuck in his windshield. Alas!

Movie Review of the Blog
Today, I saw the movie 12 Rounds starring John Cena. (yeah, he's a pro wrestler. Is there really a difference between pro wrestling and acting though? No.) It was actually a very good movie. I think, if I had to choose between this and Taken, which is a very similar movie, I'd pick this one. I simply enjoyed this movie more. It seemed like more of a mystery/action movie than Taken, which was pretty straight forward comparatively. Everyone's acting in this movie was phenomenal, and the character's were very believable. Lots of plot twists and suspenseful points make this movie a very good one. I would recommend seeing this. John Cena is a very good actor, which surprises me, because, as I said earlier, he's a pro wrestler. And there are plenty of explosions to keep even the least of attention spans entertained. If you are a Comcast subscriber, it's available On Demand.

So, that's it for tonight. I'll see ya tomorrow.

Jul 2, 2009

Marching Band, An Endless Sporadic, and TAGS GALORE!!!!

Once again, Welcome to my blog. It's an exciting new world filled with adventure and fun! And I will personally give everyone that follows my blog and/or votes in my poll ONE FREE INTERNET, via this site right here. Ooo, Ooo, Click ME!!! Just sign up, and I will give you an internet, just to show you how awesome I think you all are!

Hooray for more Album excitement! As you may or may not know, (depending on how you got here) An Endless Sporadic is releasing a new album sometime in the near future. While we don't know anything about the album, including name or release date, we do know it'll be 33 minutes long. We don't even know any track listings, track names or anything. ALL we know is that it's 33 minutes, as I said before, and that it will be released as a physical copy, unlike their last EP, which was only available online. EP album art to the right. I will also be putting songs from said EP into my playlist for decision making help... and for kicks. I love their stuff.

Marching Band started today... I'm not going to go into too much detail. I'd like to say, seeing my friends for the first time after a while is always fun, but marching and playing for 3 hours straight isn't. So there's that.

Also, I FORGOT to tag my last post, so I'm going to tag this one with tags from both, so if this post is irrelevant to what you came here for, Look below. Thanks for reading, and please come back. It's lonely here, with only 40 some hits. I'd love more, so tell your friends, and they can have one free internet too. Y'all come back now, ya hear?

Jul 1, 2009

Hmm... Blog Frequency, Pitchmen Finale, and Transformers 2!

Oh hey there! If you are one of the 3 people that keep up with this blog, WELCOME BACK!!! If you're just joining us, welcome, and enjoy the stay. I hope your lodging is accommodating and you're comfortable. Room Service costs... never mind. So, not much has happened today. Much less than yesterday I think. Once again, I'd like to mention the book I'm currently reading, The Client by John Grisham. Very well-written and easy to get into.

In other news... Blog Frequency. How often do you all think I should update this thing? I'm putting a poll over there >. Yeah, you see that thing over there with the different answers on it? That's called a poll. You pick the answer you like! Good job! Please vote. Also, if you didn't notice I added a view counter on the sidebar!

Discovery Channel put on a giant tribute to Billy Mays today. Played a Pitchmen Marathon all day. If you don't know what Pitchmen is, it's a show that Anthony Sullivan and Billy Mays both star/starred in. It takes a behind the scenes look at their jobs, and how the products go from idea to millions of them sold. The finale was simply amazing though. Billy was not happy about Vince (The ShamWow guy) stealing two of his very early products and re-advertising them. So he decided to counter-attack Vince. It was a very funny episode, with a tribute to Billy at the end which was actually very touching.

Movie Review for today
Occasionally I'll write a review for a movie I've seen recently. Today's movie review... Transformers 2. I, despite the critics ratings, really enjoyed this movie. Was it my favorite movie of all time? No. Is it in my top 3? No. Is it better than the first? No. BUT, it did what it was intended to do, which was produce a summer popcorn flick that would draw in audiences and satisfy people's craving for explosions and giant robots. I'm not saying it deserves any kind of award, because, let's face it, the acting was pretty OK, nothing spectacular, but it deserves more credit than its getting from critics. I'm not giving any spoilers, but let me just remind you that the plot in EVERY movie involving two ethical standpoints is, Good Guys always win. Transformers 2 is no different. Oh, and I have heard a lot of controversy about the Twins in this movie. Saying they were Racial and what not. Here's my opinion on that. They were only racist if you consider them racist. I mean, c'mon, they're robots... While, yes, you can relate the robots to humans, i don't think you can very well display a certain race in a robot. So, I don't think it was racist unless you assumed a certain race. I took them as gangster wanna-bes (which appear in every race...) Sure the movie had some childish jokes, and maybe a few immature ones, but overall, the movie did what it needed to do to get a fair amount from the box office. Linkin Park also apparently contriubuted substantially to this movie's soundtrack, and I will put their song in my playlist momentarily.

That's all for now everyone. In short, R.I.P. Billy Mays, Vote in the Poll on the Right, and go see Transformers 2 for yourself and never listen to critics. Thanks for reading.