Jul 1, 2009

Hmm... Blog Frequency, Pitchmen Finale, and Transformers 2!

Oh hey there! If you are one of the 3 people that keep up with this blog, WELCOME BACK!!! If you're just joining us, welcome, and enjoy the stay. I hope your lodging is accommodating and you're comfortable. Room Service costs... never mind. So, not much has happened today. Much less than yesterday I think. Once again, I'd like to mention the book I'm currently reading, The Client by John Grisham. Very well-written and easy to get into.

In other news... Blog Frequency. How often do you all think I should update this thing? I'm putting a poll over there >. Yeah, you see that thing over there with the different answers on it? That's called a poll. You pick the answer you like! Good job! Please vote. Also, if you didn't notice I added a view counter on the sidebar!

Discovery Channel put on a giant tribute to Billy Mays today. Played a Pitchmen Marathon all day. If you don't know what Pitchmen is, it's a show that Anthony Sullivan and Billy Mays both star/starred in. It takes a behind the scenes look at their jobs, and how the products go from idea to millions of them sold. The finale was simply amazing though. Billy was not happy about Vince (The ShamWow guy) stealing two of his very early products and re-advertising them. So he decided to counter-attack Vince. It was a very funny episode, with a tribute to Billy at the end which was actually very touching.

Movie Review for today
Occasionally I'll write a review for a movie I've seen recently. Today's movie review... Transformers 2. I, despite the critics ratings, really enjoyed this movie. Was it my favorite movie of all time? No. Is it in my top 3? No. Is it better than the first? No. BUT, it did what it was intended to do, which was produce a summer popcorn flick that would draw in audiences and satisfy people's craving for explosions and giant robots. I'm not saying it deserves any kind of award, because, let's face it, the acting was pretty OK, nothing spectacular, but it deserves more credit than its getting from critics. I'm not giving any spoilers, but let me just remind you that the plot in EVERY movie involving two ethical standpoints is, Good Guys always win. Transformers 2 is no different. Oh, and I have heard a lot of controversy about the Twins in this movie. Saying they were Racial and what not. Here's my opinion on that. They were only racist if you consider them racist. I mean, c'mon, they're robots... While, yes, you can relate the robots to humans, i don't think you can very well display a certain race in a robot. So, I don't think it was racist unless you assumed a certain race. I took them as gangster wanna-bes (which appear in every race...) Sure the movie had some childish jokes, and maybe a few immature ones, but overall, the movie did what it needed to do to get a fair amount from the box office. Linkin Park also apparently contriubuted substantially to this movie's soundtrack, and I will put their song in my playlist momentarily.

That's all for now everyone. In short, R.I.P. Billy Mays, Vote in the Poll on the Right, and go see Transformers 2 for yourself and never listen to critics. Thanks for reading.