Jul 28, 2009

The Client, Tom Sawyer,and Drum Corp International (Oh, and 206 viewers)

Wow... It's been a long time since I updated this thing. Better dust off the ol' typewriter and put more paper in that spool thing. I've got another Multi-media week for you (kinda) so buckle up and read. Well, don't buckle up, cause you aren't in a car... Unless you have a blackberry, in which case, yes, buckle up while you're in the car reading. Unless you are driving, cause you shouldn't be reading while driving. Have someone read it to you.

Book Review of the Blog
At long last, I finished The Client by John Grisham. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It has several twists in it, and it's very suspenseful at parts. It's fast moving from the beginning, so it doesn't take long to get into it, unlike some books. If you like reading, but hate waiting for a book to hook you, this is the book for you. If you hate reading, but want me to be happy, read this book. Go out to your local "McKay's" or "Books-a-Million" or any used or new book store, buy this book, and read it. If you're looking for a summary, you can look one up... or you can keep reading. Basically, two boys, Mark and Ricky Sway, go out to smoke a cigarette that they took from their mom, when a black car pulls up. The man gets out and plugs a hose in his tail pipe, and through the window. He's trying to commit suicide, and the kids try to stop him. Before he dies he tells Mark some information that the FBI want in regards to a very urgent and big case. The FBI will do anything to get the information, the Mafia will do anything to keep Mark quiet. What happens from there... I'm not telling you. You just have to go read it. I'm not joking. Go buy it now.

Tom Sawyer... I'm so glad you're on the reading list for this summer. (GIANT SARCASM) Mark Twain, WHY, oh why did you have to write a book with so much southern dialect? I just find this book a little hard to read. This book is not for people that are sleepy, or easily confused. The dialect is just hard to get used to. (Warning, hypocritical stereotype ahead) I know, I should be able to understand it, I mean, I was born and raised in Tennessee. (It was a joke. I hate when people from around here get beat up by Hollywood and the media for being "Hicks." We aren't.) It just kills me. (Oh, and just for kicks, I put the song Tom Sawyer on my playlist. Haha)

The High School I go to sent the Marching Band to the DCI show today. If you don't know what DCI is, it stands for Drum Corp International. We saw The Mandarins, Blue Stars, Blue Devils, Blue Coats, and The Glassmen. I think that was all. Anywho, I had a great time at the show. Got to hang out with a lot of friends. My friend Aaron spent 14 dollars on Skittles (poor child. But I got 2 and 1/2 free bags out of it) and Blue Devils won. I think Blue Coats should have gotten first, I liked they're show more, but Blue Devils had a good one too. Congrats Blue Devils.

I'd also like to mention that I now have had 206 viewers! Thank you to everyone who checks my blog frequently, and anyone who tells their friends to check out my blog. You people are awesome, and I'll make sure to update more frequently. Thanks for reading guys, and check back soon for more stuff! Bye