Jul 16, 2010

My Sincerest Apologies

Hey. I know I don’t post a lot so I wanted to do something extravagant and mystifying for my post as a kind of make up for the past few months. Unfortunately, I couldn’t think of anything, so here you go. It’s not even a wall of text. It’s more like a fence. Maybe. I don’t even think it’s big enough to be classified as a fence. What wall like object is smaller than a fence? Umm… those little things that horses jump over in horse-jumping shows? We’ll go with that. This is “one of those” of text. That wasn’t at all descriptive, but, you know what? I don’t care. It’s my tumblr, and I’ll use it how I need it. (Call JG Wentworth, 877 Cash-now) Now if only I got paid for that little JG Wentworth mention. I need some moneys. If anyone would like to donate money to my paypal account feel free, I could use it. My paypal email is :P I understand that won’t happen, but it’s still nice to hope, isn’t it? Regardless, here is the fence of text (as it has become) and hopefully the start of a reawakening to the tumblr/blogger scene. Or not. I guess we’ll see.


(*BLOGGER EXCLUSIVE PS*, I'll probably have something more informative tomorrow or Saturday, but until then, check out my two latest Youtube videos at See ya soon.)