Feb 1, 2010

Changes! (GASP, this isn't 3 subjects!)

Why hello fellow citizens! Notice anything different? Unless you're blind and have someone reading this blog to you (which might happen, I have no clue) you should. The template is completely different, and the music as well. Also, I've changed it so it's one post per page. If you'd like to see my past posts, you can click on the links in the Blog Archive to the right. I got THAT idea from a friend of mine who decided to change her blog. I'd been wanting to for a while, and this is as good a time as any. I think the switch to 1 post per page is a lot cleaner, don't you agree? I don't even know if you all can comment, so that question was kinda pointless. Regardless, I've changed a lot of things, and I think it looks better. OH, I put this background and header together myself. I just changed the background of an existing Pyzam template, but I think it turned out rather swimmingly.

Ah, my music. You can get an idea for my taste by the covers around the edges, or the playlist I suppose. Or, ya know, since this probably isn't your FIRST time on this blog, you already know my musical tastes so that was kind of pointless too. Alas, I said it anyway.


So, this background I made. Do you think I should change the albums periodically? Or just leave it? I'm leaning toward changing them every so often, but I'm gonna leave that decision up to you. I'm fine either way. Just leave me a post in the comments, or send me an email at I'm going to try and do a poll or question each post for you to send answers to the address above, and then give the results the next post. Also, if you want to send me any questions, or ideas for the blog, feel free to send them, once again, to

Thanks for reading, and I look forward to future question answers, criticism, and whatever else you wanna send me. Thanks guys! BYE!!!

EDIT: OH MY GOODNESS!!! Blogger just went down. So, I figured I'd write some more until it comes back up. Luckily I copied my post before it completely crashed, so I just pasted it over into notepad. I'll post this as soon as Blogger comes back up. Thanks for reading, again. BYE!!!